This part onward is my favourite. Actually doing business with the electronics stuff.

Before we ‘burn’ the design onto our chip, let’s get some of the technicalities out of the way. Setting up USB Blaster is easier than I expected it to be. Plug in the USB into your laptop/PC and wait for the driver to get installed. Chances are that it won’t find the appropriate driver, in which case, you direct it to the driver location. Go to the folder which contains Altera>>Quartus>>drivers>>usb blaster

Note: Do not choose the sub folder x32/x64.

This should install the USB Blaster driver and then you are good to go!

Well, almost.

To open the Programmer window, find it under the Tools tab in the Quartus window.

Most things remain unchanged except for the Hardware Setup. Select USB Blaster as the hardware. The file that is important in this case is the .sof file. Check ‘Program & Configure’ and then hit ‘Start’. Minimise this window once the green bar hits 100%.

That was easy wasn’t it?

You are basically done with the hardware design. Congratulations!

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